The Grenada Chocolate Fest Is Back 

grenada chocolate festChocolate from the popular Grenada Chocolate Company.

It’s been called the Caribbean Capital of Chocolate

And the minute you set foot in Grenada, you begin to understand. 

They call the spice isle for a reason, and the island’s rich, fertile soil and intoxicating culture are exemplified in its globally-renowned chocolate. 

And for years before the pandemic, the island came together to celebrate the cocoa bean — and its wide-ranging impact on the Grenadian community. 

And now the Grenada Chocolate Fest is back. 

This year’s celebration of Grenada’s natural environment (and its delicious cacao-based export) will run from May 13 to May 18. 

The festival is filled with opportunities to learn more about the island and explore its chocolate culture. 

That means everything from hikes through cacao forests, chocolate-making classes, chocolate tastings, chocolate-inspired food and meetings with cocoa farmers and local chocolatiers, among others. 

“Grenada Chocolate Fest celebrates all things Cocoa including tree-to-bar, ethically and sustainably made Grenadian chocolate,” the festival’s organizers said in a statement. “Over the years the festival has curated an array of authentic experiences that are fun, insightful, inspiring and immersed in deep love and appreciation for chocolate made from the island’s world-renowned fine flavored cacao.”

For more, visit Grenada Chocolate Fest.

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