Bonaire Just Lifted All of Its Testing Requirements

bonaire testing requirements liftedThe sea stairway at the Bellafonte Bonaire luxury hotel.

The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire has lifted all of its testing requirements, Caribbean Journal has learned.

That means no pre-testing is required of travelers, regardless of vaccination status.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers will just have to fill in a health declaration for their trip to Bonaire.

Bonaire joins a handful of Caribbean destinations that have removed their pre-testing requirements.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Tourism Corporation Bonaire said the number of hospital admissions had been stable for a long time on the island, paving the way for the move.

The beach at the Harbour Village resort in Bonaire.

“If in the future a new variant of the virus emerges that causes serious complaints, the travel conditions will be reassessed,” the spokesperson said.

It’s another boost for an island that has been seeing very strong tourism numbers since the summer of 2021.

Indeed, Bonaire, home to the smallest population of the ABC Islands (which comprise Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), continues to attract travelers drawn to its combination of a remarkable natural environment and a buzzing culinary scene).

In June, the island will host a major new festival in June, Bonaire Rum Week, which will celebrate premium rum and highlight the island’s growing cocktail and spirits culture.

For more, visit Bonaire Rum Week.

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