Grenada Just Removed All Testing Requirements for Travelers 

grenada testing requirements removedGrand Anse Beach in Grenada.

Another Caribbean island has completely removed its testing requirements: the Eastern Caribbean paradise of Grenada. 

Grenada’s government has lifted all restrictions for entry into the island, regardless of vaccination status, meaning neither vaccinated nor unvaccinated travelers have any restrictions. 

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The Calabash hotel in Grenada.

That means travelers don’t have to take any tests before arrival, don’t have to fill out a health declaration form and don’t have to quarantine. 

Grenada is the latest destination to make the move, joining a small but growing list of islands without any testing rules, a trend that began when Curacao did so last month. 

grenada travelers

In other words, planning your trip to Grenada is just as it was before the onset of the pandemic — with one primary distinction: the still-required CDC return test for all travelers coming back to the United States. (Only Caribbean destinations that are part of the United States, most notably the uber-popular US Virgin Islands, are exempt from this requirement).

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