Grenada Just Launched a Major New Voluntourism Program 

grenada reef voluntourism

It’s a growing industry trend: more and more travelers are looking for ways to connect more deeply to their destinations, with an eye toward making a positive impact on local communities. 

And that’s precisely the thinking behind the newest initiative from the island of Grenada.

The Eastern Caribbean destination has launched a new Voluntourism Program, with a slate of opportunities available year round in sectors like agriculture, education, health and the environment. 

“For travelers, voluntourism provides an intimate and memorable experience which allows them to make deep and meaningful connections with our local community whilst leaving a positive footprint on the island,” says Petra Roach, CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority. 

It’s arguably the broadest tourist-board level voluntourism program in the Caribbean, as admirable as it is wide-ranging, an exemplar for the broader region.

The program includes diverse range of projects: there’s one focused on community gardening and healthy eating; another on beach and reef cleanups; artificial reef monitoring; providing swimming lessons to kids and adults; and even supporting a local football club. 

It means a vast variety of choices for travelers, ways to truly engage with the island.

“We want to connect through their hearts and passions, which will in turn increase their propensity to return to the island,” Roach says. “We want to join together to be better global citizens and be intentional about ensuring a positive impact and bringing about positive change.”

For more, visit Voluntourism in Grenada

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