Why This Is the Perfect Day Trip From St Maarten 

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You can see it from St Maarten. 

It’s there across the blue, rocky and enticing, a mountainous mystery in plain sight. 

And while most travelers to St Maarten have probably seen it, far fewer have been there. 

It’s still one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets: Saba, the Dutch Caribbean island called the “Unspoiled Queen.”

And while the charming island’s hiking, culture, diving and art make it terrific for an extended vacation, it’s also the perfect day trip from nearby St Maarten. 


Saba is just a 12-minute flight — or a 90 minute ferry — from St Maarten, but it’s a world away, with world-class diving, incredible hiking and a vibrant cultural scene. 

That ranges fro the island’s signature Cloud Forest Hike, which includes a hike to the top of Mount Scenery; or a journey through local flavors with a sip of the Saba Spice liqueur. 

And then there’s the art scene, with jewel and glass-making, tie-dye and textiles, along with a range of visual artists, some of whom offer same-day workshops and classes. 

And then there’s the island itself — the jaw-dropping sea views, the white gingerbread and red-roofed Saban cottages; the charming villages. 

It’s so close to St Maarten, and yet it’s so far from the Caribbean most travelers know.

For more, visit Saba Tourism. 

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