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Dominica Launches New “Brand Identity”

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Secret Bay.

It’s still the Nature Island, but it’s got a new look.

The Discover Dominica Authority has unveiled a new brand identity for the Eastern Caribbean island, focused around a new logo.

The new logo “is as unique as the island itself,” the island’s tourist board said in a statement.

“It has the feel of the rising Morne Trios Pitons; and the various shades of green depict the lush, verdant landscape covering the country,” The DDA says. “The rich purple accent color comes from Dominica’s beloved Sisserou parrot and the vibrant red connotes the island’s Creole culture and Kalinago heritage.”

Considered one of it not the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, Dominica has long carved a niche as a haven for eco-tourism and adventure, from the region’s longest hiking trail to dozens of volcanoes and even a boiling lake.

Officials said they retained the destination’s longtime branding as the “Nature Island” “as a competitive advantage.”

“It helps reinforce Dominica’s position as a leader in climate resilience and sustainability,” the DDA said.

“As part of the brand evolution, we have been working towards establishing a bolder identity for the Commonwealth of Dominica,” said Dominica Tourism Minister Denise Charles. “Dominica is frequently confused with the Dominican Republic so we needed to create a distinction in the mind of potential visitors. A global study revealed that changing the logo would help Dominica stand out in the global tourism market.”

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