Aruba Adds Antigen Testing Option for American, Canadian Travelers

aruba antigen testing travelers

The Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba has announced another update of its entry rules for travelers, now effective in January 2022.

The new rules, which apply to American and Canadian visitors, mean travelers will have two pre-testing options for visiting Aruba: an antigen test taken one day prior to arriving in Aruba; or a PCR test within two days prior to traveling to Aruba. 

Interestingly, the island also announced that visitors 12 and up who have tested positive on a PCR test between 10 days and 12 weeks prior to travel, and show no symptoms, are exempt from the requirement of providing a negative test. 

aruba testing antigen
Renaissance’s private-island destination in Aruba.

It’s a change from Aruba’s December travel update, which had given visitors only the option of a PCR test, not an antigen one. 

Aruba has also announced the launch of a new system for travelers to authorize approved laboratories to send their negative test results directly to the island’s Embarkation-Disembarkation card entry platform. 

aruba tesing
The Amsterdam Manor resort in Aruba.

Through a partnership with OK2Roam, travelers can take a video-supervised PCR test or go to a test center and take a PCR or antigen test. 

Children 11 and under are exempt from Aruba’s testing rules. 

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