A Cruise Rebirth in Port Royal, Jamaica

jamaica port royal

Jamaica’s historic town of Port Royal is in the midst of a cruise rebirth. 

The Naval Dockyard at Port Royal is slated to receive at least 10 cruise ship calls over the next three months, according to the Port Authority of Jamaica. 

The plan is to reposition Port Royal as a destination for larger ships, according to the Port Authority’s Kimberly Stiff. 

Larger ships, she said, bring in more passengers “to patronize locals and support trade and commerce and other activities – entertainment, cultural and heritage initiatives.”

Port Royal is currently undertaking a multi-phase project to redevelop the port. 

The second phase of the project includes a new museum and restaurant area, with construction slated for completion by the end of the second quarter. 

The Port Authority is also working to have as many people in the local cruise industry vaccinated as possible. 

“That is the quickest way to return to normalcy as well as to ensure seamless and safe operations at the port,” Stiff said.