Your Own Private Resort in St Maarten


It’s hard to think of a better location in St Maarten. 

You’re right near the border, a bit less than 15 minutes from the culinary capital of the Caribbean (and the island’s best markets) in Grand Case. 

It’s about the same to get to the waves and beach bars of Orient Bay, or the bustle and shopping in Philipsbugh. 

In many ways, here in Oyster Pond, you’re at the epicenter, the jumping off point for exploring the delights of this marvelous bi-national island. 

So why is so hard to leave the Coral Beach Club?

st maarten resort private

Rum in hand, bobbing in your own plunge pool right at the edge of the sand, it’s an easy answer. 

There’s just something captivating about this place, about the serenity, the calm, the quiet. 

There are just 24 units at this Mediterranean-style villa resort on the edge of Dawn Beach, all with stunning views, some with the aforementioned plunge pools. 

Others are tucked on the edge of Oyster Pond, where you feel like you’re floating above the water in an ultra-modern bungalow (with a private infinity pool just a few steps away).  

st maarten resort private

It’s just that kind of place, where from the moment you drive through the gate you feel like you’re home. 

And the latter is precisely what this resort is about. 

In keeping with the hottest trend in travel, this is a residential resort, meaning you have all the amenities of a hotel but with a residential layout — think full kitchens with Bosch amenities, Nespresso machines, washers and driers and, most importantly, space– and two, three or four bedrooms. 

st maarten resort private

It’s the best of both worlds, particularly in the age of social distancing. That means you can stock your villa to your heart’s content with the best food from France 15 minutes away and only decide to leave when you want. 

It’s a haven for independent travelers, for those who understand St Maarten/St Martin and how best to enjoy it. 

Plainly, it’s the best luxury resort in St Maarten; but it’s more than that; it’s so relaxed, so breezy, so sophisticated that you get the feeling of staying in your own private resort. 

It’s exactly what travelers want right now.

And isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? 

For more, visit the Coral Beach Club