What to Know About Traveling to Puerto Rico Right Now

puerto rico passenger pre pandemicSan Juan.

Puerto Rico has put in new entry rules for travelers, headlined by a 48-hour entry testing window. 

That means travelers have to take and receive a negative test result within 48 hours before arriving in Puerto Rico. 

The test can be either PCR or antigen, regardless of vaccination status. Passengers arriving without a test will have 48 hours to take on on-island or will be subject to a fine. 

Unvaccinated travelers must quarantine for seven days after arriving, regardless of their test result. 

Puerto Rico also has announced some new on-island protocols: that includes a requirement that all establishments serving food or drink must require proof of vaccination or a negative 48-hour test result for all patrons. 

Just as in the case in the US Virgin Islands, travelers do not, however, need a test to return home to the mainland United States. 

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