Saint Lucia Is Planning a “Vaxxed” Carnival

Bahamas Punta Cana Hotels reduit beach in saint luciaSaint Lucia's lovely Bay Gardens Beach Resort.

Saint Lucia is planning to bring back its popular Carnival for the first time since the pandemic — fully “vaxxed.”

The destination has decided to host what it’s calling “The Vaxxed Mas,” subject to the full approval of the country’s Ministry of Health. 

As the name suggests, the plan is for everyone participating, including revelers, support staff and service providers, to be fully vaccinated. 

It’s not the first such event in the Caribbean, however; the United States Virgin Islands was the first Caribbean destination to hold carnival-style events since the pandemic, doing so earlier this year and using the opportunity to encourage local vaccination. (That was called a “Vaccine Fete.”

“As a carnival enthusiast who has been a part of carnival for the past 15 plus years, it is critical that we continue to build on the hard work that was started by persons who have brought carnival to where it is now,” said Saint Lucia Tourism Minister Dr Ernest Hilaire. “We must also ensure that we preserve the public health of Saint Lucia while creating economic activity for our people to benefit from. Carnival is also a major part of our Tourism product which sees thousands of visitors coming to our shores to enjoy our island and its wonderful experiences. Those in the Creative Industries use the Carnival season as one of their avenues to showcase their talents so we must continue to provide that platform to do so. It is even more important now after the almost two-year hiatus.”

Hilaire said that, while Carnival 2022 would “not take place in its traditional form,” all necessary steps would be taken “to ensure that the true spirit of Saint Lucia is preserved.”

— CJ

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