This Is the Hottest New Restaurant in Antigua

antigua rokuni

First came Sheer Rocks, the cliffside eatery that helped catapult Antigua’s dining scene into a global destination. 

Then there was the transformation of Catherine’s Cafe, the legendary beach bar in English Harbour. 

antigua rokuni2

And now Antigua’s Rocks Group is at it again, this time with a sparkling new Asian fusion eatery called Rokuni, which is officially open. 

Set at the Nonsuch Bay Resort, it’s a mix of signature cocktails and a journey across the culinary traditions of Asia, from bibimbap to yakitori to dim sum. 

antigua restaurant new

And yes, just like Sheer Rocks, you can spend your day at the pool, which can be reserved in advance. 

It’s a major new addition to Antigua’s ever-growing dining scene. 

For more, visit Rokuni

— CJ