Anguilla’s New Rules for Day Trippers

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Anguilla has announced new protocols as the island reopens its borders to day-trippers and passengers on one-day cruise excursions to the island.  

The new protocols do not require these visitors to make an application for entry permission into Anguilla on the visitor portal.  

However, as of December 9, 2021, visitors coming to Anguilla on a day trip or an on-shore cruise excursion for one day must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination upon arrival.

According to Anguilla’s Ministry of Health, the definition of “fully vaccinated” means that the visitor has received the last dose (in a 2-dose vaccine) or the only dose (in a 1-dose vaccine) three weeks prior to arrival on Anguilla.

These travelers must also provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test from a nasopharyngeal swab taken two days prior to their arrival date.

Self-administered and antibody tests will not be accepted.

This information will be verified upon arrival in Anguilla. 

Once all matters are in order day-trippers entering the island will be assigned a day trip wristband, which can only be removed upon leaving the island.  

Day-trippers are also allowed to rent a car for the day.

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