6 Under-the-Radar Caribbean Diving Destinations

sea turtleA sea turtle in Saba.
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If you’re an avid diver in the Caribbean, chances are you’ve been to the region’s most famous diving hotspots — most notably the longtime Caribbean capital of diving, Bonaire. 

But there’s a multitude of spectacular diving destinations hidden away across the region; they’re islands that may not be well known for their diving, but boast full-fledged wonders beneath their seas. 

Others are just well-guarded secrets. 

Here are six under-the-radar diving destinations to try in the Caribbean. 

Saba It’s the best-kept secret in Caribbean diving. This tiny, rocky Dutch Caribbean island just a short flight from St Maarten has a world of undersea options, anchored by the Saba Marine Park, which was started in the early 1980s and spans the entire circumference of the island. Undersea life range from wrasses, blue tangs and chromis to green and hawksbilll turtles and even hammerhead and whale sharks. Your best bet? Try the wonderful operation at Sea Saba.

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