Barbados Tourism Is Rebounding

barbados top resortThe Club, Barbados, set to reopen next month.

Tourism is beginning to rebound in Barbados, according to the latest numbers from the island’s tourist board. 

The island recorded more than 10,000 air arrivals in July, the highest total of any month so far this year. 

That also represented a significant increase from the 6,745 visitors that came to the island in July 2020. 

Officials say the trend suggests a “positive turn for the industry” ahead of the 2021/2022 winter season. 

“Barbados has, and continues to weather this COVID-19 storm, but while this period has been difficult for the industry, the BTMI is so pleased to see the recent sprouts of positive growth,” said Craig Hinds, interim CEO of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. 

The United States was the strongest market for the island in July, accounting for 43.3 percent of the market, while the United Kingdom contributed 34.4 percent of business. 

— CJ


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