Statia Opens New F.D. Roosevelt Airport

statia airport caribbean newStatia.

The Caribbean island of Statia has officially opened its brand-new airport terminal. 

The relaunch of the Dutch Caribbean island’s F.D. Roosevelt Airport comes as the island is set to reopen its borders to tourists on Aug. 2. 

Interestingly, the airport is named for the former U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, some of whose Dutch ancestors lived in Statia in the 1700s; Roosevelt himself visited the island in 1939.

He was on the island to present a plaque honoring the “first salute,” when, on Nov. 17, 1776, the Dutch governor of the island gave the order to salute an acting Continental Navy ship — the first time the inchoate United States of America had ever been officially recognized. 

Of course, he’s not the only major American poplitical figure with a connection to the island, which was also home to Alexander Hamilton and his family for a number of years. 

fdr caribbean airport

The construction of the airport was financed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. 

The new airport terminal has a nearly 12,000-square-foot roof and a just over 7,500 square feet of interior space. 

That includes four check-in desks, three airline offices, luggage screening and a full passenger and staff airside screening area. 

statia airport fdr
The opening ceremony.

The waiting area at the gate has 44 seats, along with amenities including a land-side bar. 

That’s along with an arrival baggage claim, customs check area, storage rooms, a meeting room and a security and control room. 

The air traffic control tower has three stories, with a 360-degree-view cabin. 

It’s a dramatic new addition for the island, which has become increasingly popular with travelers seeking an authentic, eco-friendly destination in the Caribbean. 

Statia is accessed via a very short flight from neighboring St Maarten. 

For more, visit Statia. 


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