The Island of Statia Is Is Reopening to Vaccinated Travelers

statia island adventureThe Quill, Statia's signature attraction.

The Dutch Caribbean island of Statia is officially reopening for tourism, Caribbean Journal has confirmed. 

The island, located a short flight from St Maarten, will reopen its borders to tourists beginning Aug. 2, 2021. 

During this new phase of the island’s reopening, only fully vaccinated travelers can visit Statia. 

Visitors from high-risk countries must adhere to certain measures for the first five days after arriving, including wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands frequently. 

statia island

Vaccinated visitors from “very high risk” countries can come to Statia but most go into quarantine for a period of five days upon entry. 

The Aug. 2 date is meant to coincide with a vaccination milestone — when 50 of the island’s adult population will be fully vaccinated. 

The next phase would come into effect once 80 percent of residents in Statia are vaccinated. Once that milestone is hit, the island will be open to everyone, including unvaccinated visitors. 

Statia has long been one of the Caribbean’s eco-tourism gems, highlighted by its beautiful Quill, a tropical rainforest set on a dormant volcano. 

The soon-to-debut Golden Rock Dive and Nature Resort in Statia.

It’s also home to one of the hottest new hotels in the Dutch Caribbean, the Golden Rock Dive and Nature Resort, set to open next month. 

Earlier this year, the island also was in the news following the release of research showing that U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton and his family had spent extended time on the island.

For more, visit Statia Tourism

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