Antigua and Barbuda’s Tourism Vaccination Push

antigua barbuda vaccinationLong Bay in Antigua.

Antigua and Barbuda has undertaken a strong vaccination push in the tourism sector, with more than 60 percent of all tourism employees in the country now vaccinated.

Second dose vaccinations are now underway for more than 3,500 employees in the tourism sector in Antigua and Barbuda, with many other employees now also getting their first dose of the vaccine.

“Vaccination is still the only proven scientifically known way for us to get out of the clutches of this pandemic,” said Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Minister Charles “Max” Fernandez. “Saving lives and livelihoods and allowing us to fully open our country for tourism. We are encouraged by the steadily increasing vaccination rate in the sector and will continue to support our industry partners however we can, to ensure employees are safe and the sector continues to see increased growth and a return to full employment.”

The push is leading the industry to see a “recovery in sight, with airlift and occupancy showing slow signs of increase.”

The country has also been buoyed by its recent CDC designation as a Level 1 destination — meaning it’s considered one of the safest destinations in the world.

“We must be serious and think aggressively about promoting our destination as Sun, Sea and Safe,” said Vernon Jeffers, Executive Chairman of the ABHTA. “Safety means ensuring that we protect our employees and encourage them to get vaccinated, protecting themselves and their families. Our team members must also feel safe in a work environment where they can deliver the best service to guests. Our success is simply vaccination, where each one, protects the other.”

— CJ