Caribbean Moment: Hoopers Bay, Exuma, The Bahamas


We say it again and again, about the waters of Exuma, how they’re bluer than blue, how there’s no water anywhere quite like them.

And yet, as much as we say it, it seems like it’s still not often enough. 

And the more you this water, the more you wade in it, and gaze on its shimmer, the more it somehow renews; it somehow feels like each time you look is the first time you’ve ever seen it. 

And that’s exactly how we felt when we came upon the brilliant turquoise of Hoopers Bay in Great Exuma. 

It’s a bit of a hidden beach, tucked away off Queens Highway in Great Exuma, one you might never realize is there. 

But if you make your way down the rickety steps to the sand, you’ll understand everything. 

This is what it’s like to be there. 

— CJ


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