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Anguilla Is Updating Its Entry Protocols for Vaccinated Travelers

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Anguilla has approved a series of revised entry protocols for vaccinated travelers, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

Some of the new protocols have already taken effect, while others will be introduced in a multi-phase approach over the next several months. 

The biggest takeaway is that by the summer Anguilla will be largely removing its quarantine requirement for vaccinated travelers. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Right now, for fully vaccinated travelers (meaning those who have had their final dose at least three weeks before arrival) the stay in place mandate has been reduced from 14 days to 7 days

Vaccinated travelers will still have to submit a negative test result within 3 to 5 days prior to arrival, be tested on arrival and at the end of their quarantine period. 

The entry fee for fully vaccinated visitors staying less than 90 days in a villa or hotel is $300 per individual, and $200 for each additional person. 

Tranquility Beach in Anguilla.

Beginning May 1, any people traveling in groups (more than 10 people) will have to be fully vaccinated to attend or conduct any mass gatherings like weddings or conferences in Anguilla. 

Spa, gym and cosmetology services will only be allowed if both guests and staff are fully vaccinated. 

In July, however, the island will unveil a major change to its protocols for vaccinated travelers. 

Beginning July 1, Anguilla will require everyone who is eligible for a vaccine to be fully vaccinated at least three weeks before arrival — that means people 18 and over. 

Fully vaccinated travelers will not be tested upon arrival, and will not have to quarantine on arrival. 

They will still have to show proof of a negative test result within 3 to 5 days before entry. 

For multi-generational groups with a mix of vaccinated travelers and children, they will not need to quarantine, but they will need a negative test result ahead of arrival. 

anguilla cap juluca vaccinated
Belmond Cap Juluca.

Beginning Oct. 1, Anguilla will remove its travel authorization application, and travelers will have to show vaccination proof to enter. 

Anguilla estimates that between 65 and 70 percent of Anguilla’s population will have been fully vaccinated by the end of June. 

“We have safely welcomed thousands of guests over the past five months, and we are confident that we will continue to do so under this amended regime,” declared Mr. Kenroy Herbert, Chairman of the Anguilla Tourist Board.  “Our visitors appreciate the extra steps we have taken to ensure their safety while enabling them to experience our exceptional tourism product.  There is tremendous interest in Anguilla, and we are seeing a significant increase in our arrivals; our forward bookings for this summer and particularly Winter 2021/22 are also very encouraging.”

For more, visit Anguilla Tourism

— CJ

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