Vin Diesel Is Developing a Movie Studio in the Dominican Republic

dominican republic vin diesel

Actor Vin Diesel is spearheading a new project to develop a film studio in the Dominican Republic. 

The actor, best known for his work in the Fast and the Furious film series, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader on the project, which would include a film studio on Bergantin beach near Playa Dorada. 

The project is being developed by Vin Diesel and his company, One Race Films. 

“We are interested in taking further advantage of this industry and enhancing its economic contribution through its links with other sectors, mainly tourism,” Abinader said following the signing ceremony. 

“We want Bergantin to go down in history as an integral, innovative and sustainable destination,” Abinader said. “And what better way to integrate the film industry into this new proposal than from the hands of the biggest stars?” 

Abinader said Diesel and One Race Films “have everything we look for in a good alliance: experience, vision and love for the country. Vin is a fan of our land and its people.”

Diesel said he was “proud to be part of the Dominican people and proud of his friendship” with the president. 

The Dominican Republic has been increasingly popular as a movie location, most recently for Jennifer Lopez’s new film, “Shotgun Wedding.”



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