Bahamas Kicks Off Virtual Romance Expo

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The Bahamas is set to gather more than 1,300 attendees for the next phase of its virtual romance expo, “From The Bahamas With Love.”

This year’s edition of the country’s annual romance expo has gone virtual, with the next event on March 10 open to consumers, including soon-to-be-engaged or recently-engaged couples, future brides and grooms, party planners and even honeymoon do-over seekers. 

The Bahamas already held the first component of the event this past week, with an afternoon specifically tailored for trade professionals, travel agents, event planners and media. 

“As soon as the Virtual Romance Expo was over, I called a few brides who are getting married in

2021-22, to tell them how wonderful and informative the show was. I suggested they attend

the consumer event on March 10,” said Carmelina Pirrocco-Crawford of McTavish Travel. “The fashion show, the speakers and the whole line up of activities will all give them a feeling of excitement.”

The Bahamas has long been one of the Caribbean’s top wedding and honeymoon destinations. 

In the three years before the pandemic, the country reported more than 67,000 visitors each year traveling for weddings, honeymoons, engagements or special getaways. 

““There is tremendous engagement and passion about the business of romance in The Bahamas

from all corners of the world,” said Dionisio D’Aguilar, the Bahamas Minister of Tourism and Aviation. “The Bahamas Virtual Romance Expo aims to help those planning a romantic escape or celebration in the future to become aware of the experts and resources that will help take all of the stress away from planning and allow more time to find out why It’s Better in The Bahamas.”

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