Montserrat Launches One-Year Remote Work Program

montserrat vaccinated travelersMontserrat.

The tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat has launched a new one-year visa program for remote workers. 

The new Montserrat Remote Workers Stamp is the latest in a series of long-stay options now offered by destinations in the Caribbean. 

The program offers a 12-month visa for those who are able to work remotely. 

“The global pandemic has changed how we live and work, and as multinationals and leading startups across the world accelerate their rates of digital adoption, the need to be physically present to fulfill professional responsibilities has been redefined,” said Montserrat’s Deputy Premier, Samuel Joseph. “We know there are people in various parts of the world who now have the ability to work from home and are actively looking for a change of environment. The remote worker program is not only inviting but encouraging them to come to Montserrat to work and at the same time be more than a visitor but a part of the community on one of the world’s most unique destinations.”

Applications cost $500 for individuals and $750 for individuals with family members. The latter option allows individuals to bring up to three family members with them. 

Program candidates need to show proof of full-time employment and an annual income of $70,000 (along with health insurance coverage). 

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