Two More Resorts Reopen in Punta Cana

punta cana resorts impressive

It was a short start to the launch of the Impressive Resorts & Spas brand when it first opened with two hotels in Punta Cana back in January 2020 before shutting down a few months later due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impressive Resorts and Spas’ two hotels – Impressive Resorts & Spas Punta Cana and Impressive Premium Resorts & Spas Punta Cana – reopened their doors late last month.

There was a private ceremony held at Impressive Resorts Punta Cana, which already welcomed its first guests.

“As a property, we feel extremely committed with the health and well-being of our guests,” said Radhames Martinez Ruiz, general manager of Impressive Resorts & Spas Punta Cana. “This is why we have created a whole safety and hygiene protocol to re-establish our operations in a safe manner, not only for our clients, [but also for] our staff.”

The company has been certified by Cristal International as part of the hotel health protocols, said Jorge Vivas, global director of sales and marketing for Impressive Resorts & Spas.

punta cana resorts impressive

“Also, as part of our commitment with our travel partners and consumers, we worked on our own safety program, IMSecure, which is part of the health protocols as well,” said Vivas

This program includes not only inspecting the overall resort’s public spaces, but also inspecting the individual guest rooms, disinfecting all the areas constantly, and educating everyone on social distancing, said Vivas.  

“This has been a process in which the operations department has been modifying areas, training the staff in a more specific way of hygiene and cleaning, and of course keeping your face mask on all the time and social distancing, which are essential during COVID times,” said Vivas.

Recommended for families, couples and friends, Impressive Resorts & Spas Punta Cana has 654 rooms and Premium Resorts & Spas has 255 Junior Suites.

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