Santa Claus Is Spending the Next Year in The Bahamas

bahamas santa claus

After a long and taxing year, Santa Claus is hanging up his suit and hat and spending the next year in a most appropriate place: Stocking Island in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas’ government has announced that it had invited Santa and Mrs. Claus on a one-year stay in the country on The Bahamas’ BEATS extended-visa program.

The country also said that, given that the North Pole pair were both immune to COVID-19, they had been granted honorary Travel Health Visas.

bahamas santa clause
Stocking Island in The Bahamas.

“Santa wasn’t the only one working overtime this year; we know that people everywhere need a break and change of scenery,” said Joy Jibrilu, Director General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation. “The Bahamas welcomes paradise seekers of all kinds to embrace island-time, and we offer a variety of island escapes perfect to suit each visitor’s unique remote working needs.”

The Bahamas launched its BEATS, or “Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay” program this past fall.

It gives approved applicants a one-year extended-stay visa to live and work remotely on any of The Bahamas’ 16 inhabited islands.

The permits cost $1000 for the head of household and $500 for each dependent.

It’s also open to students, for whom remote study programs are $500.

The approval process typically takes about 5 days.

For more, visit BEATS.

— CJ


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