Anguilla’s Newest Resort Is Reopening

anguilla resort newest

Tranquility Beach Anguilla, the newest resort on the island, is reopening Nov. 1, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

The Meads Bay bay beach resort will relaunch as part of the new Meads Bay Beach “bubble,” meaning vacationing-in-place guests can swim in the sea, use beach chairs, play on the white-sand beach and starting mid-November can dine at Straw Hat, Blanchards and other participating restaurants. 

The new resort has a total of 15 luxury condominiums on Meads Bay Beach, all with concierge service and housekeeping. 

Each unit has its own private terrace with a hot-cold tub. 

“Our guests can have the fun-filled vacation they are craving beginning on day one,” said Property Manager Deanna Cabrera, formerly of Auberge Resorts. 

“Tranquility Beach is also an attractive first stop for travelers who want to spend their stay-in-place time on the beach in the Meads Bay ‘bubble’ before moving inland,” said owner Janine Edwards. 

The resort first opened its doors in January 2020. 

For more on Anguilla’s entry protocols for travelers, see here.

For more, visit Tranquility Beach

— CJ


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