Barbados: “Significant” Interest in Welcome Stamp Program

barbados welcome stamp

Barbados has seen “significant, serious and positive interest” in its new “Barbados Welcome Stamp” program, which offers one-year visas for remote work on the island.

Barbados Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Abrahams said 1,079 applications had been processed so far for the program since it launched July 18.

Of those, 764 were individuals and 315 were family “bundles.”

“The five leading countries seeking entry under this program are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria and India,” Abrahams said. “The USA, Great Britain and Canada account for 788 applications, which equates to approximately 73 per cent of total applications.”

So far, Barbados has denied about 60 applicants, “based on the fact that they were seeking employment in Barbados,” and, “or derogatory reports,” Abrahams said.

The visa is only available for those who are able to work remotely — not for those actually looking to work for Barbados-based companies.

So far, there are already 12 people living on the island who have already been approved for the program, which looks to help fill the void left by decreased tourist arrivals amid the pandemic.

For more, visit the Barbados Welcome Stamp.

— CJ


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