Bermuda Launches “Work From Bermuda” Program For One-Year Stays

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The island of Bermuda has launched a new program that allows travelers to come to work remotely from Bermuda for a year. 

The “Bermuda Certificate” program, which involves a $263 application fee per person, also includes the flexibility to travel back and forth home from Bermuda during the one-year period. 

“Bermuda is safe, Bermuda is friendly, Bermuda is close and Bermuda is beautiful,” said Bermuda Premier David Burt. “If you are working remotely from home, please take the opportunity to explore the option of working remotely from Bermuda for the next year.”

The application, which can be found here, went live on Aug. 1. 

“As a holder of a residential certificate you will be a long-term visitor in Bermuda and we are ready to share our vibrant culture and unique brand of hospitality to cure the Coronavirus blues,” Burt said. “No need to be trapped in your apartment in a densely populated city with the accompanying restrictions and high risk of infection; come spend the year with us working or coding on the water.”

The launch comes after the announcement of a similar program by Barbados. 

For more, visit Work From Bermuda

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