Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals, Leverick Bay Resort Name New Director of Operations

leverickThe Leverick Bay Resort and Marina in Virgin Gorda.

The owners of Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals and Leverick Bay Resort and Marina in the British Virgin Islands have named a new director of operations. 

Sharon Flax-Brutus, who had most recently served as Director of Tourism for the British Virgin Islands for the past seven years, has been named to the role. 

sharon flax brutus
Sharon Flax-Brutus.

Flax-Brutus will “work to enhance the operations of the properties that make up Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals and Leverick Bay Resort and Marina to take them to the next level by providing a more luxury guest experience, paying very close attention to detail and offering a more personalized guest experience from reservation to rebooking,” the company said in a statement. 

virgin gorda villa rentals
The Loblolly villa in Mahoe Bay, part of the Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals portfolio.

Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals manages a collection of 20 luxury villas in Virgin Gorda, all set on the bays and hillsides of Leverick and Mahoe. 

The Leverick Bay Resort and Marina has 13 rooms and four two-bedroom suites, all with balconies overlooking Virgin Gorda’s iconic North Sound, a destination that is in the midst of a full-fledged renaissance.

“We feel so honored that Sharon has agreed to be a part of our team,” said Christina Yates, owner of the Leverick Bay Resort and Virgin Gorda Villa Rentals. “Her experience, industry and product knowledge, respect of her peers and passion for the BVI is a huge asset to us and as we launch plans to expand our properties, she is the best person to take our companies to the next level.”

For more, visit Leverick Bay Resort and Marina

— CJ

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