Anguilla’s Legendary Bankie Banx Is Doing a Virtual Concert

anguilla bankie banx

Legendary Anguillian musician Bankie Banx is doing a virtual concert on July 18 at the Tequila Sunrise Villa in Anguilla. 

The music superstar will be performing poolside at the popular villa in a live stream on his Dune Preserve Facebook page. 

The concert will be held at 5:30 PM EST. 

anguilla bankie banx
The luxe Tequila Sunrise villa in Anguilla.

For decades, Bankie Banx has been the host of the island’s iconic Moonsplash festival, held each year at the Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay. 

And to celebrate, Tequila Sunrise has shared the recipe for its famous house Tequila Sunrise to enjoy while you’re watching the concert:

One part Patron silver tequila

One part orange juice 

Fill a tumble to the top with ice

Drizzle Grenadine over the top “ever so slightly.”


For more, visit the Dune Preserve and Tequila Sunrise Villa

— CJ