Grenada Welcomes First Yacht Arrivals, With Restrictions

grenada yacht arrivalsCamper and Nicholsons' Port Louis Marina in Grenada.

Grenada is the first Caribbean destination to welcome back yacht arrivals, the country’s government confirmed this week. 

The first yacht arrivals returned to Grenada last week, since the country closed its seaports to recreational vessels in late March. 

Grenada is facilitating yacht arrivals under “strict health and safety protocols,” it said. 

Officials from Grenada’s Ministry of Health are present to perform screenings of yachters, including temperature testing for yacht passengers. 

Yacht passengers arrive at a designated dock at Camper & Nicholsons’ Port Louis Marina. 

Yachts seeking to arrive in Grenada must be pre-registered into the destination’s GRENADA LIMA database before being given pre-clearance. 

The yachts are then placed on 14-day quarantine at two approved locations. 

At the end of the quarantine period, crew will be given formal immigration clearance, after receiving a negative COVID-19 test and health clearance. 

Grenadian officials said it had prepared provisioning protocols for the two quarantine sites: the Port Louis Marina and Carriacou Marine, for yachts needing water, essential supplies and fuel during quarantine. 

The government said just over 700 yachts had been registered and scheduled; they will be facilitated through the plan over the coming months. 

— CJ


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