Caribbean Moment: Flying Over the Blue in Antigua

caribbean antigua blueGalley Bay.

There are many wonders on Galley Bay in Antigua. 

There’s the stillness of the lagoon; the 45 different bird species that dot the trees around the property, from West Indian Whistling Ducks to, if you’re fortunate enough to see one, the green heron. 

There’s the sound of shaking seagrapes; of dragonflies in the mangroves. 

But it’s the brilliance of the blue water that seems to captivate the most. 

It’s that sparkling, glossy turquoise that brings travelers back, that keeps them dreaming when they’re far away. 

So take a minute and enjoy an aerial journey over the perfect water of Galley Bay in Antigua in the latest Caribbean Moment. 

Note: Antigua is planning to reopen its airports June 4; it will be announcing its protocols next week. 

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