How Antigua and Barbuda Hotels Are Readying for Travelers

antigua barbuda hotels travelersThe new Hammock Cove in Antigua.

Hotels in Antigua and Barbuda are beginning to prepare for the eventual return of travelers with new measures aimed at minimizing risks of COVID-19 transmission. 

That’s led by the destination’s newest resort, the adults-only Hammock Cove, which has implemented a series of protocols for the new realities of travel, from providing face masks and disinfectant kits in their rooms to daily temperature checks for frontline staff. 

Rosario Soler, the resort manager at Hammock Cove, said that before the property welcomed guests back it would “ensure that every room, dining area, bar, the pools, spa and gym will be cleaned and sanitized by the staff that has been kept on to see to the property’s daily maintenance and upkeep.”

“We are depending on the Ministries of Health and Tourism to provide us with additional protocols to help us get all of Elite Island Resorts in a state of readiness,” she said. 

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez who visited Hammock Cove this week, said the country’s Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment. in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Investment, would be finalizing protocols to guide the tourism industry. 

All hotel properties in Antigua and Barbuda will be inspected by a “certification team” of tourism and health officials before they can officially open for business, according to Fernandez. 

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