Caribbean Moment: The Joys of Christiansted, St Croix

caribbean beaches by boatSt Croix has some spectacular beaches like Protestant Cay in Christiansted.

For many, the charms of the island of St Croix are still some of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean.

And that includes the wonderful historic town of Christiansted, a vibrant, charming, eminently walkable downtown.

It’s a city that continues to change, from a buzzing culinary scene to a growing cocktail culture (and even the island’s first tiki bar).

The latest Caribbean Moment takes you on a virtual vacation to Christiansted, to the sights and sounds of this centuries-old city, to Protestant Cay, to the colorful archways of the city center, to the boardwalk.

It’s a walk around town — and the perfect way to start your week.

See more in the newest CJ Video.

— CJ

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