Jamaica Brands Future Travelers As “Generation C”

jamaica reopening tourismFrenchman's Cove in Jamaica.

The world has changed in myriad ways since the arrival of the coronavirus, and now Jamaica has coined a new term for the next wave of travelers: Generation C. 

Jamaica Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says the term is intergenerational, “a merging of the demographics the island traditionally targeted and importantly one which was essentially ageless.”

What it means is a radical shift in how to think about the spectrum of travelers in the wake of the pandemic, focusing more on those who are ready and willing to travel and less on their specific demographics.

“We as an island and as part of the global tourism industry need to adapt swiftly to the requirements of this new type of traveler post pandemic. GEN-C will be unsettled by the crisis they have lived through this year, they will need reassurance and evidence that their experience overseas will enhance their lives, not put themselves or their loved ones at risk,” Bartlett said. 

The “branding” comes as Jamaica has made no secret of its desire to play an integral role in the global recovery of the tourism industry. 

“We are working hard to create new protocols for our industry to be implemented as soon as we can safely welcome visitors back,” Bartlett said. “These measures will tackle sanitation and hygiene requirements, protocols for behavior at swimming pools, beaches and restaurants. We are responding to the new sensitivities of the post-COVID-19 traveler and will holistically cover all aspects of the vacation experience.  Without a doubt these measures will become the new norm.”



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