A Virtual Bahamas Vacation With Lenny Kravitz

bahamas lenny kravitz

You can travel all across the world and never find water like what you find in The Bahamas. 

There’s the Windex-hued stuff in the Exumas; the deep electric blues of Abaco; the classic turquoise of the beaches of Nassau. 

It’s something we’ve been think about a lot lately, and The Bahamas has launched a new mini digital vacation for all of us who are dreaming about the region these days. 

It’s called “From The Bahamas With Love,” and it has two co-stars: the immense natural beauty of the Bahamas, and music legend Lenny Kravitz, whose mother was of Bahamian descent and for whom The Bahamas has always been a significant part of his life (he has a home base in Eleuthera, too).  

Indeed, Kravitz’s hit song “Fly Away”, which is the soundtrack to the video, was written in — and inspired by — The Bahamas.

See the full video below, and enjoy your quick trip to The Bahamas.

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