From St Croix to The Bahamas, 14 Fabulous Caribbean Views

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The natural beauty of the Caribbean can’t be denied, and every visit to the islands is suffused with timeless moments that linger in the mind’s eye — a stroll through a lush tropical garden that dazzles with colorful flowers perhaps, or a vision of swaying palms lining a pristine beach lapped by gentle waves.

Still, there are some sights that stand out as ‘I can’t believe this is even real’ clarity, both in the moment and looking back fondly on your island experiences. Here are some of our more cherished Caribbean memories, captured in a single view. Sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself right there.

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Ham’s Bluff Light, St Croix Lighthouses almost invariably have awesome views — after all, they usually were built in prominent places along the shore where their light could be seen great distances out to see. The Ham’s Bluff lighthouse on the Northwest coast of St Croix has been abandoned for years, but you can still climb the tower for an awe-inspiring look along the Maroon Ridge and the Crucian coastline. For now, just gaze upon its beauty.

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