Caribbean Moment: A Wonderful Little Beach in St Croix

st croix caribbean beach

It’s an oh-so-brief ferry ride to get to this lovable little islet off the coast of Christiansted in St Croix, US Virgin Islands.

And while you can still see the colorful buildings of St Croix’s gorgeous historic town, you feel like you’re a world away. 

And that’s the point of Caribbean Moment — we want you to feel that you’ve taken a little vacation to the Caribbean on your phone or your computer. 

It’s called Protestant Cay, for years the home of the Hotel on the Cay, and it’s easily the most underrated beach on St Croix — and one of the best on the entire island (and, we might argue, all of the USVI).

The water here shimmers, it sparkles and it sets your heart aflutter. Marry that with a perfect sandy shoreline and even a great beach bar and it’s a full-fledged pilgrimage spot for all those who love the Caribbean. 

For now, use it as an escape, a dream, a vision of the Caribbean we all love. 

See the full video below. 

— CJ


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