This St Croix Vodka Company Is Now Making Hand Sanitizer — From Breadfruit

st croix vodka sanitizer

St Croix’s Mutiny Island Vodka was already famous for making what was the Caribbean’s only vodka made from breadfruit. 

Now, the St Croix-based distillery is making a name for a different reason: by shifting its production to hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The US Virgin Islands’ Sion Farm Distillery is making full-fledged hand sanitizer out of a combination of breadfruit-distilled ethyl alcohol (70 percent ABV) and locally-sourced aloe vera gel. 

st croix vodka sanitizer

The island’s top brewery, Leatherback Brewing Company, has also chipped in to allow the company to use its fermenters to increase capacity and production. 

“We are all working very hard to fill the void in our island’s time of need,” the company said in a statement. “Our team has been hard at work to make and bottle our own Breadfruit Alcohol  + Aloe Hand Sanitizer to assist in keeping up with the needs of the community.”

The company is one of the newest in a wave of distilleries in the region to shift its production to help the fight against the pandemic. 

For more, visit Mutiny Island Vodka.


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