LATAM Cuts Operations by 95 Percent in April Due to Coronavirus

latam coronavirus

Leading South American carrier LATAM has reduced its operations by 95 percent this month, the company told Caribbean Journal. 

The move comes in light of border closures and lower demand amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Measures will be evaluated on an ongoing basis based on travel restrictions of different countries as well as demand,” the company said in a statement. 

LATAM has a broad reach in South America and also flies a number of routes connecting Latin America and the wider Caribbean region. 

The carrier said its affiliates in countries like Colombia had been suspended due to national government restrictions. 

LATAM’s cargo operations, however, have not been limited in the same way. 

The company is actually increasing the capacity of its cargo fleet by more than 15 percent, including an additional 21 to 26 cargo flights between South America and the United States. 

The company also announced the official assumption of duties by its new chief executive officer, Enrique Cueto, who took office on April 1. 

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