Caribbean Moment: A Classic Bahamas Beach

bahamas caribbean beach

We’ve made no secret of our love affair with pink sand beaches. But there’s one that’s particularly special, in the heart of The Bahamas, one that’s legendary. 

Our latest Caribbean Moment is an immersion into the legendary Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island in The Bahamas, a more than three-mile-long stretch of sandy perfection. 

It’s splendidly wide (as much as 100 feet in some areas, dotted with luxury boutique hotels and tiny beach clubs for some of the properties in Dunmore Town. 

It’s as dreamy as it gets, the essence of the Caribbean beach fantasy, a getaway in a glance. 

So watch this beach and imagine yourself there, just you and the surf, fantasizing about the possibilities. 

See more in the latest Caribbean Moment video below: 


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