Caribbean Moment: A Digital Vacation to Aruba


You can scour the Caribbean and still not find a more spectacularly beautiful collection of beaches than the ones on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. 

At every turn, there’s an exotic, brilliant coastline to choose: the windy wonders of Boca Grandi; the sheer vastness of Eagle Beach; the turquoise calm of Palm Beach. 

Of course, Aruba is more than just sandy beauty: there’s the thrilling art scene in San Nicolas; a quietly booming culinary movement at gourmet hotspots like Chef Erwin Husken’s Screaming Eagle; a marvelously transformed downtown in the now-bustling hub of Oranjestad. 

Aruba is dynamic, it’s fresh and it’s, plainly, it’s a rather wonderful Caribbean destination. 

No matter where you are right now, with everything that’s going on, everyone is dreaming about a Caribbean vacation, and the latest edition of Caribbean Moment does just that, bringing Aruba right to you. 

See the latest Caribbean Moment below:

Have you been to Aruba? How many times? What’s your favorite spot on the island? Let us know at 

— CJ

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