Caribbean Moment: In Saint Lucia, a Journey to the Pitons

saint lucia caribbean pitons

If you’ve ever been to the southwestern corner of Saint Lucia, you’ve seen them. You’ve felt them. 

Because the pair of volcanic spires called the Pitons emit some kind of otherworldly energy, a mystical glow, an aura. 

This place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is truly one of the wonders of the Caribbean, a pair of towering green monuments that are the rare stationary objects you can watch. They do not move, and yet you can’t take your eyes away from them. (They’re even more wonderfully enjoyed from a three-walled suite).

Our latest edition of Caribbean Moment takes you on an aerial journey to this magical place in Saint Lucia, the sort of place whose beauty we can all escape with right now. 

Take a digital vacation to the Pitons of Saint Lucia in the latest CJ Video below: