Caribbean Moment: A Perfect Sandbar in The Bahamas

bahamas caribbean sandbarThe Sandbar off Cape Eleuthera.

It’s just called The Sandbar, a stretch of sublime strands of ocean sand remote enough that it’s never gotten a real name. 

It’s set just off the coast of Cape Eleuthera, the southwestern-most corner of the enchanting island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, a sprawling resort made for adventure-seekers and beach lovers. 

It takes just a minute or two to shuttle here and before you know it you’re in another dimension, of sparkling white sand and the kind of neon turquoise you can really only find in seas of The Bahamas. 

It’s as close as there is to perfect, a place that instantly turns your day into an all-time great one upon your first step. 

Just make sure you take your Kalik with you. 

Take a moment and dream of this perfect sandbar in The Bahamas, with the latest edition of Caribbean Moment below. 

— CJ


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