Caribbean Moment: The Iconic English Harbour in Antigua

caribbean antigua english harbour

Is there a more iconic harbor anywhere in the Caribbean?

It’s a place of many names: English Harbour; the Sailing Capital of the Caribbean; the old stomping grounds of Horatio Nelson; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

No matter what you call it, it’s a truly spectacular place: the 18th-century charm of Nelson’s Dockyard; the sweeping views of Shirley Heights Lookout; tiny hotels carved into old Georgian bulidings.

It’s a place for timeless boutique stays like the Admiral’s Inn; chic hotspots like Catherines Cafe; marvelous beaches like Pigeon Point and a vibrant community of culture, food and history. (Not to mention, it’s the namesake for one of the Caribbean’s greatest rums). 

But it’s the harbor, the water and those striking green hills that really set it apart. 

The latest edition of our new feature Caribbean Moment takes you on an aerial journey to the entrance to the Harbour. 

Think of it is a mini digital vacation to one of the Caribbean’s true wonders. 

See more in the latest CJ Video. 

For more, visit Antigua and Barbuda

— CJ


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