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A Hilton Hotel Is Coming to Guyana

guyana hilton hotel

Georgetown, Guyana.

Fresh off the announcement of a planned second Marriott hotel in Guyana, another new projet has broken ground, this time under the Hilton umbrella. 

Guyana’s first Hilton hotel will be located southeast of the country’s Ogle International Airport. 

The project’s developers have not revealed whether it will be a Hilton-branded hotel or if it will open under one of the company’s other brands.

The project is the product of a partnership between Guyana’s National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited and a group of business entrepreneurs under the Caribbean Marketing Enterprise Incorporated group. 

The project is being led by Guyanese businessman Edmon Brathwaite; the estimated $100 million project will also include a pool, an entertainment center, a mini-golf course and a solar farm, among other amenities. 

Earlier this month, developers announced plans to open a second Marriott-branded hotel in the country, with plans to launch an AC Marriott hotel. 

That project is also set in the greater Ogle area of Georgetown.

— CJ

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