The 20 Best Caribbean Islands to Travel to in 2020

caribbean islands bestSandbars off the coast of southwestern Eleuthera in The Bahamas.
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The islands of the Caribbean are in the middle of a new age, as dynamism, optimism and investment sweep across destinations as diverse as they are beautiful. 

And that means the world of places to visit in the Caribbean keeps getting more and more interesting. 

Whether you’re looking for burgeoning cultural hotpots, centers of culinary excellence, nascent luxury capitals or far-off tropical paradises, traveling to the Caribbean has never been a richer experience. 

Because the definition of a Caribbean vacation is as layered as it has ever been — while the Caribbean’s beautiful natural environment continues to be its primary siren song (not a surprise when you have the world’s most gorgeous beaches), travelers continue to explore the Caribbean new ways: traveling for art, for music, for community; across cities and farms and towns and distilleries and staying in new kinds of accommodations.

Our 2020 edition of the best Caribbean islands to visit takes you across this wonderful corner of the world, from tiny beach towns to chic, sophisticated urban destinations. 

In other words, it’s time to start planning your next Caribbean vacation.

caribbean islands best

St Croix, US Virgin Islands There’s a palpable new energy in US Virgin Islands tourism, and the island of St Croix is at the center of it. In just a few short years St Croix has become one of the most fascinating islands to visit in the Caribbean, with as impressive a culinary scene as you can find in the Caribbean to a pair of charming, walkable cities (Frederiksted and Christiansted) to a growing number of terrific boutique hotels, like The Fred and historic spots like the Company House. It all adds up to a truly exciting Caribbean destination, one that marries culture, personality and authenticity, and our favorite for 2020. 

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