The 50 Best Restaurants in the Caribbean 2020

caribbean restaurants best
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The number of world-class Caribbean restaurants continues to multiply, making this landmark selection, which first launched back in 2013, more and more difficult each year. 

The Caribbean food sector continues to send a strong message to the world that this is, truly, one of the world’s great food regions, with arguably the most diverse cuisine on the planet and an uncanny range of styles and philosophies.

It’s also wonderful to see a region-wide commitment to local sourcing and, most importantly, to authenticity, across the Caribbean gastronomic scene. 

This year’s edition of the 50 Best Caribbean Restaurants, the product of hundreds of meals across the far reaches of the Caribbean, retains our core criteria: food, service and ambience, the three pillars which are the foundation of any great restaurant. 

Because meals that are truly great should instantly become great memories, whether they’re at a toes-in-the-sand beach spot or a culinary laboratory.

“The Caribbean’s culinary scene is hotter than ever, and this year’s edition of the 50 best Caribbean restaurants is our most diverse list since we first launched the 50 Best back in 2013,” said Alexander Britell, editor and publisher of Caribbean Journal. “These 50 restaurants exemplify the exciting gastronomic adventure that is today’s Caribbean culinary world. It’s a portfolio of very different but equally outstanding dining destinations.”

Congratulations to this year’s selections!

caribbean restaurants best

Sheer Rocks, Antigua The Caribbean’s new number one restaurant is a marvel, from the most stunning location of any eatery in the region (day or night) to a miraculous menu that takes Michelin-style menus conceived by Chef Simon Christey-French  to truly admirable, locally-focused sourcing. What’s most impressive, though, is the restaurant’s commitment to culinary education and training. Because it’s not just a world-class restaurant in the Caribbean. It’s a truly Caribbean restaurant, headed by wunderkind Antiguan chef Jamal Warner. 

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