The Caribbean’s Coolest New Real Estate Is In Bequia

caribbean real estate bequia

There’s a new way to live in the heart of one of the Caribbean’s most charming little destinations: Bequia. 

The island’s chic The Liming Resort, which opened its doors in 2018, has launched a new luxury real estate component. 

The mix of cottages and villas is set in three enclaves: the beach, the ridge and the ridgetop of Bequia’s Adam’s Bay. 

“Bequia, has a unique, magical charm that is hard to find anywhere else and it fulfils many dreams of a perfect small Caribbean island,” said Robert Croll of FM Group, which is the developer behind the project along with Caribbean-based K-Group. 

The units include one- and two-bedroom cottages, six-bedroom villas on the beach, four-bedroom villas on the ridge and five-bedroom villas on the top of the ridge. 

Each property will have its own private pool, while the villas come with their own private gardens. 

caribbean real estate bequia

Each unit also comes with the amenities of the resort, which ranges from an infinity pool to a private beach with a lounge to a championship tennis court. 

“The Liming is the perfect opportunity for those looking to buy property in the Caribbean, either to retire, to have a holiday home, a base in the Caribbean for their trips or as an investment,” Croll said. 

caribbean real estate bequia
The Liming.

FM group is currently another project in the Caribbean, the Fond Bay development in Saint Lucia, according to its Web site. 

“By acquiring a villa in The Liming, residents will enjoy all the perks of living in a luxury resort and will also be part of the rental pool which will cover some or all of the maintenance costs,” Croll said. “The Liming also has fantastic tax concessions which we expect will be a draw for buyers.”

The Liming is the latest project in a series of luxury real estate launches in Bequia, most notably the Firefly Villas, another residential-hotel project.

For more, visit The Liming.

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