In St Barth, a Secret Caribbean Beach Resort

st barth caribbean tiny beach resort coverLes Ilets de la Plage.

Even a tiny island like St Barth has its secrets. 

And this one is hidden in plain sight. 

You can see it when you land at Carl Gustaf airport, if you look to your left as you head over the green hills and the roundabout. 

colorful caribbean beach resort st barth

You can see it if you squint from St Jean beach. 

Because here, set away from the crowds on a beautiful stretch of beach, is one of St Barth’s most closely guarded secrets. 

This is Les Ilets de la Plage, the colorful beach resort designed for those looking for an authentic, romantic, toes-in-the-sand St Barth experience. 

caribbean beach resort st barth beaches
It’s set on a lovely stretch of St Jean beach.

It’s comprised of 12 villas, some bungalows set on the beach, others larger cottages tucked amid the resort’s tropical gardens, from one to three bedrooms. 

And every one has a kitchen, because this is a villa resort, a place to live, from which you can enjoy the delights of St Barth living. 

inside caribbean beach resort st barth

You can go shopping at the market, bring home your baguettes in the late afternoon, or have ti’ punch all day on the sand. 

pool caribbean beach resort st barth

It’s a place for hammocks and beach naps and the castaway experience you didn’t even know you could have in St Barth. 

And no matter what time of day you’re here, the only sounds are the waving palms and the froth of the waves. 

interior caribbean beach resort st barth

It’s the Caribbean beach resort you dream about, a gateway to a St Barth few ever get to enjoy. 

For more, visit Les Ilets de la Plage

— CJ